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Paolo Conizzoli

Senior software developer and Project manager


I have over five years in software development, working on different projects for size and technology used. Over the last few years, in several cases, as coordinator and project manager.

I consider myself very curious, fast learner and proficient handling my time; I also have strong teamwork and leadership skills. Because of these qualities, in the last several years, I have been entrusted with many responsibilities. These duties also allowed me to improve in many areas of interest.

During my relatively short career, I had the opportunity to fill different roles and perform numerous activities' types. This dynamism allows me to master the handling of the entire production workflow and integrate different operational groups.

Work history

Senior software developer and Project manager at Cogito srl, Udine (Italy)

June 2019 — Present
  • Web application development: Angular 2+ and AngularJS
  • Research and analysis of new technologies and resources in the front end and DevOps fields
  • Complete supervision of the tailor-made product line and all the projects associated with it, management of internal and external teams (2-5 total collaborators)
  • Support in the analysis of requirements for the development of back end softwares and infrastructures
  • Junior developers and apprentices training

Front end developer and product designer at Cogito srl, Udine (Italy)

October 2015 — June 2019
  • Front end (AngularJS, Angular 2+) and hybrid apps (Ionic) development
  • Implementation of websites for regional and national entities (Drupal, WordPress)
  • Interfaces design and production of mockups using Sketch and Figma
  • Support in the development of back end applications (PHP, Python)

Web developer, Italy

April 2012 — June 2016
  • Websites conception, design and development (Drupal, WordPress)
  • Web applications development (VanillaJS)
  • Design of logos and marketing materials for mixed purposes


High school leaving qualification in industrial electronics technology, ITIS Galileo Galilei, Conegliano (Italy)

September 2010 — July 2015

Training courses

Kubernetes: from zero to hero | Ditedi FVG


Develop with Symfony: best practices and use cases, sfday | GrUSP
(Sviluppare con Symfony: best practice e casi d'uso)


Extracurricular activities

Teacher at Anteas, non-profit organization, Nervesa della Battaglia (Italy)

2013 - 2014

I made my IT skills available to a local voluntary association by holding IT courses on multiple topics. The lessons were open to all the population approaching different subjects: computer's fundamentals, introduction to the internet and more articulated topics like interoperability between HW and SW.


Internship at Cogito srl, Udine (Italy)

July 2014

During my internship, I worked on the development of a Vanilla JS application. The purpose was to improve the youngest visitor's engagement in the itinerary by introducing a gamification experience to the visit.

Internship at Crismatica Network srl, Conegliano (Italy)

June 2014

During the internship I was placed in the technical assistance department where I took care of carrying out hardware and software repairs, providing customer support, solving common IT problems and interacting with customers for the management of orders and requests.